Doktorarbeit: Strategisches Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement

Strategisches Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement

Empirische Untersuchung der Konfiguration von Nachhaltigkeitsbestrebungen und ihrer Determinanten in deutschen Unternehmen

Nachhaltigkeits-Management – Studien zur nachhaltigen Unternehmensführung, volume 26

Hamburg , 328 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-8928-5 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-08928-1 (eBook)

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Sustainability is a topic of growing importance not only on the political and social but also on the corporate level. Corporations have to contribute to a sustainable future by systematically implementing a strategic sustainability management. This book seeks to cover the present configuration of the strategic sustainability management in German enterprises. Furthermore, it investigates the impact of major determinants on this configuration.

As a conceptual framework for the study, a model on the configuration of sustainability strategies is drawn up. Moreover, the medium size of enterprises, the ownership of families and the industry as an economic sector are derived from their significance in the German economy as important determinants of a strategic sustainability management. In addition, their unique characteristics, which implicate a constitutive influence on the configuration of the sustainable strategic management, are described.

On this basis data on the present configuration of the strategic sustainability management is collected from German enterprises. After a profound analysis the descriptive results are displayed along the conceptual model. Beyond that deviating results for each determinant are highlighted and linked to their respective characteristics. Using explanations from expert interviews hypotheses are drawn on the impact of the determinants on the configuration of the strategic sustainability management.

Key results of the study are the conceptual model, the derived determinants, the results on the status quo of the strategic sustainability management in German enterprises and especially the hypotheses on the impact of the determinants. Thereby, the book contributes significantly to future normative research on the strategic management of sustainability in the scientific area. In the practical area the results can be used as a benchmark for the advancement of an existing management of sustainability or as a frame of reference for the conception of a new strategic sustainability management.

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