Forschungsarbeit: Mitarbeiterakzeptanz der Nachfolgeführung

Mitarbeiterakzeptanz der Nachfolgeführung

Führung und Führungskräfte, volume 7

Hamburg , 182 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-8820-2 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-08820-8 (eBook)

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Employees in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play an increasingly important role for the company's success. This book illuminates the acceptance of the employee on the leadership succession in SMEs. It is deduced, which factors help the successor to promote employee acceptance. In a first step, the types of succession, the succession process and the role of the successor are examined in this context. In a second step, the acceptance and the influencing factors and the emergence of acceptability are studied. In the third part it is shown, which influence the successor has on employee acceptance. This work is based on theoretical models and five empirical cases. It turns out that corporate culture, motivation, personality, individual perception and information are crucial for the promotion of employee acceptance through the management behavior of the successor. The reason for this result lies in the development process of employee acceptance. The origin of acceptance is developed through behavioral acceptance which is grounded by mindset acceptance. It is recommended to actively stimulate employee acceptance in the succession process

In the context of the succession process, the author describes in detail, what challenges arise within the self-renewing organization. The Author presents, how information, motivation, perception and corporate culture affect the activities of the new executives. It brings the influencing factors of employee acceptance in context. With the role as a new executive member.

Entrepreneurs and executives who are wondering how to measure, develop and promote high acceptance of the employees, will find answers in this book.

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