Doktorarbeit: Die Demokratisierung des Wissens

Die Demokratisierung des Wissens

Kollisionen zwischen dem Recht auf Nahrung und dem gewerblichen Schutz in der Biotechnologie

Studien zur Rechtswissenschaft, volume 363

Hamburg , 478 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-8816-5 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-08816-1 (eBook)

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The collision between the Right to Food and the Intellectual Property Right goes beyond the very normative tension caused by the former and the latter. The collision takes root however, above all, in the collision of the paradigms, of the discourses, underlying these legal constellations.

The social deficiencies reflecting the violations of the right to food correspond with a liberal representation on how goods have to be exchanged, which belongs equally to the notion of intellectual property. For this reason the attempts to tackle the problematic, which pose the aforementioned collision in favor of the right to food according to current law only offer provisional solutions. Nonetheless, in order to offer long-term and serious solutions to the right to food, it is necessary to develop solidary democratic rules of access to knowledge and biological resources. Through its appeal for a solidary democracy this book stands for a solidary democratic coexistence in the transnational constellation.

After a detailed description of the human right to food and its international acceptance and an accurate portrayal of the intellectual property rights over biotechnological improvements, this book offers an overview on possible solutions under the pioneering perspective of the democratization of knowledge.


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