Forschungsarbeit: Method Acting und Jazz

Method Acting und Jazz

Studien zur Musikwissenschaft, Band 39

Hamburg 2016, 88 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-8793-9 (Print), ISBN 978-3-339-08793-5 (eBook)

Ausdrucksstärke, Authentizität, Emotional, Improvisation, Interpretation, Jazz, Kunst, Method Acting, Musikwissenschaft, Saxophon, Schauspiel, Stanislawski, Strasberg, Theaterwissenschaft

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Liveliness is effective. Emotions touch. Being truthful is convincing. When it comes from the inside. This book explains the interdisciplinary attempt to gain more expressiveness in Jazz music through Lee Strasberg's acting method. Why does a musician, looking at this problem turn to acting? Because the essence of inspiration and creativity, from which liveliness and authenticity arise was hardly dealt with anywhere and comprehended like there. In music you cannot find anything comparable. The insights and results, which were successfully proved since the great explorer in theatre, Konstantin S. Stansislawski, were so fundamental that they are valid for any kind of art. The difference between artistry and art lies in being able to access your own creative potential. The one who has conscious access to this potential and knows how to withdraw from the arbitrariness of the muse has won. No matter if this person is a painter, actor or musician. The extraordinary advantage for the artist performing and improvising in the moment is obvious. By following this path, Gregor Gassner, author and Jazz saxophonist, found this to be the possible way to finally integrate this creative state actively in his playing. Strasbergs's Method Acting, a progression of Stanislawski's system, and its tools introduced here should serve as a guide. First made for actors but nevertheless universally applicable. The author was taught and supported by the actress, acting pedagogue and director Ingrid Sturm. The results of this exploratory, partially intimate experiment, next to the theoretical explanations on acting and Jazz music, form this book. Method Acting being transferred to the Jazz saxophone becomes Method Playing.

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