Forschungsarbeit: Barbie in Russland

Barbie in Russland

Ljudmila Petruševskajas Puppenroman Маленькая волшебница

Studien zur Slavistik, volume 37

Hamburg , 254 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-8730-4 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-08730-0 (eBook)

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The Russian artist Liudmila Petrushevskaia created a postmodern oeuvre with her dollʼs novel „Маленькая волшебница“. The story takes place in Russia, describing the secret life and exciting adventures of a magical Barbie doll called Masha. After a detailed presentation of Barbieʼs success story, the book „Barbie in Russland“ by Birgitta Schöny continues with a thorough search for intertextual traces. The book is intended as a contribution to an active literary constituting of meaning. During this journey of exploration the author analyzes the created Barbie dolls and important secondary characters. Following this, the genre of the text is discussed. Because of the textʼs subtitle „Кукольный роман“ and the fact that it was published in the fairy tale anthology „Настоящие сказки“, the genre seems to fluctuate between fairy tale, novel and doll story. Max Lüthiʼs theory on European folk tales as well as Vladimir Proppʼs achievements for the Russian folk tale (especially for the волшебная сказка) are the scientific foundation for further reflections. Furthermore, the doll as a (literary) phenomenon is the center of attention. Formerly popular 19th century doll stories for girls such as Cosmarʼs „Schicksale der Puppe Wunder¬hold“ or Billerʼs „Lidaʼs Puppe“, as well as doll stories like Lindgrenʼs „Die Puppe Mirabell“ or Schamiʼs „Das Herz der Puppe“ are connected with Petrushevskaiaʼs „Маленькая волшебница“ and her protagonist Barbie Masha. As¬suming that the childrenʼs novel „A Little Princess“ by the English-American author Frances Hodgson Burnett functions as a model for Petrushevskaiaʼs text, the book, in a final step, presents an intertextual comparison of these two oeuvres. Also, parallels and differences in the two writersʼ lives and creative works are illustrated.


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