Dissertation: Untersuchung zur ethnisch-nationalen und sprachlichen Identität junger Ungarndeutscher

Untersuchung zur ethnisch-nationalen und sprachlichen Identität junger Ungarndeutscher

Studien zur Germanistik, volume 56

Hamburg , 200 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-8693-2 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-08693-8 (eBook)

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In our times, the presence of different nationalities in Hungary increasingly gains a central position in social and hence also academic context. The main aspects are ethnic identity and language. The work of Ãgnes Huber amounts to an empirical study of the identity of young Hungarians of German descent. She concentrates on language as the most important determinant of their ethnic and national identity and further on multi-cultural influences that modify the way they think about their identity.

Huber observed, interviewed, and submitted questions in writing to Hungarian citizens of German descent aging between 18 and 39 years. Numerous quotes from these interviews as well as data drawn from their answers to questions are the basis of her conclusions. While often widely diverging, the views expressed in oral and written statements nevertheless allow conclusions about common linguistic and cultural traits that demonstrate a close to complete assimilation to Hungarian nationality. In the face of growing globalization and the movement of large numbers of people fleeing their home countries, the work of Huber on identification of Hungarians of German descent gains in importance. Her work is a potentially fruitful starting point for further inquiries that aim to support the peaceful coexistence of different cultures.


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