Forschungsarbeit: Martin Heidegger – „Ein Denker in dürftiger Zeit“

Martin Heidegger – „Ein Denker in dürftiger Zeit“

Philosophisch-anthropologische Studien zu Heideggers Fundamentalontologie

BOETHIANA – Forschungsergebnisse zur Philosophie, Band 118

Hamburg 2015, 224 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-8592-8 (Print), ISBN 978-3-339-08592-4 (eBook)

Anthropologie, Ethik, Existenzphilosophie, Fundamentalontologie, Gesellschaft, Hermeneutik, Martin Heidegger, Metaphysik, Pädagogik, Phänomenologie, Philosophie, Sein, Technik

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Heideggers basic ontology opens to us the signs of the time and is extremely topical with it. It is not enough for the “Denker in dürftiger Zeit” to call merely the signs and to warn about the danger independently. Only in a meditation on himself, the person wins the necessary distance to his works. Based on this new orientation is revealed to man a completely different and new perspective, in which he can not only use the things, but it can be seen in its simple fact. The person – in his being astonished rest – becomes with Heidegger to a hearing person. From the silence this wins back the original relation to nature. This – from Heidegger indicated – way releases the person, prepares him and leads him to find out the present nearness of the being. It is only this present nearness of the being which is able to grant “Heimat” to the person on the way through his life.

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