Doktorarbeit: Phonologisch-graphematische Bestimmung des deutschen Kernwortschatzes

Phonologisch-graphematische Bestimmung des deutschen Kernwortschatzes

Eine synchrone Untersuchung am Beispiel der substantivischen Simplizia der Alphabetfolge A bis F

PHILOLOGIA – Sprachwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse, Band 203

Hamburg 2015, 468 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-8507-2 (Print), ISBN 978-3-339-08507-8 (eBook)

CV-Phonologie, Deutsch, Graphematik, Kerngrammatik, Kernwortschatz, Orthographie, Phonologie, Silbe, Silbenphonologie, Silbenstruktur, Substantiv, Synchron

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The term „core vocabulary“ can be linked to a broad range of different conceptual notions. A research desideratum based on core vocabulary exists for German with regards to a synchronous structural grammatical assessment of the vocabulary. Using the example of the substantival simplizia in the alphabet sequence A to F, this dissertation sets out to answer the question of what counts as unmarked in terms of the phonological and graphematical structure of a word, and which words of the corpus therefore rank among the core vocabulary. To attain this goal the dissertation takes a different approach to the core vocabulary assessment undertaken so far, primarily in terms of etymology and language acquisition, and instead focuses on a synchronous grammatical analysis.

It is not possible to make a direct comparison of the structures based on different grammatical sub-disciplines, because linked to the sub-discipline in question different structural units are significant. To evaluate the structural-grammatical core vocabulary in German, phonological and graphematical structure of the corpus words therefore are to be associated with the structural unit known as the „syllable“. The syllable concept used to establish this formal equivalence is the so-called CV phonology.

By means of this chosen syllable concept, the constraints on syllable structure in German are evaluated, relevant structural units are classified, and both sound and letter sequences of the corpus words are segmented. Being able to analyse phonological and graphematical structure in this way allows for the corpus words to be presented in a hierarchy in terms of the structuralist Centre Periphery concept. The words which are said to be structurally unmarked on a phonological and graphematical basis are identified as „core words“.

By observing the definitive phoneme basis of written German, there is a clear hierarchical relationship between phonological and graphematical word structure. Due to this dependency relationship and due to the different significant structural units, the dissertation must inevitably come to the conclusion that only in certain cases does a structural analysis of the vocabulary produce an entity of „core vocabulary“ which overlaps the grammatical sub-disciplines.

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