Doktorarbeit: Angewandte Gesundheitsförderung im Lehrberuf

Angewandte Gesundheitsförderung im Lehrberuf

Konzeption eines salutogenen Interventionsprogramms

Schriften zur pädagogischen Psychologie, volume 62

Hamburg , 442 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-8061-9 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-08061-5 (eBook)

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Health promotion relevant to teachers is an important field of action, which – being regarded at especially in the context of acute “shortage of teachers” – is becoming increasingly important. Up to now, too little has been done in the training of teachers regarding individual professional formation, although the activity of teachers is demanding continuous development. Relevant literature is pointing out that teacher training and preparatory training should be supplemented by pre-employment support formats that respond in particular to the interaction-intensive requirements of the teaching profession. Finally, work quality can be considered as a consequence and outcome of a teacher´s health status. Meanwhile, a wide variety of protective factors on health outcomes is well-known. Nevertheless questions about how to activate and promote health variables on an individual level are hardly asked.

In the context of this work a salutogenetic-based, health-psychological intervention programme for prospective teachers has been developed, evaluated and finally elaborately described in a fully structured manual. The starting point was formed by interdisciplinary research findings on teachers' health. The results of a first realized empirical study to determine the need for support in the preparatory service (N=244) assisted equally the development of the training programme. The training programme provides learning opportunities in the field of resource management, communication and cooperation. Operating groups gain their highest efficiency with 8 to 12 participants. The programme consists of three days of training. The training focuses primarily on the individual development of mental health resources.

The formative evaluation mainly focused on verifying the acceptance of the programme by the participants as well as the search for evidence of its effectiveness – based on the "multi-level model" of Kirkpatrick and Kirkpatrick (2007). For this purpose a quasi-experimental Solomon-four-group-plan was drawn up. Changes in the training group (N=33) were thereby compared to those of an untreated control group (N=55) in the context of a pre-post-follow-up-design. In total eight health-related variables whose instruments showed satisfying test quality criteria were used as evaluation parameters.

In summary the results of the effectiveness of the health-resource development training (GRAT) proof evidence of very positive assessment and suggest future research efforts of salutogenetic-based interventions in teacher education. However, the relationships between health variables and the individual development along the professional careers of teachers should thereby be examined in particular.

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