Doktorarbeit: Die Vergewaltigung durch einen fremden Täter

Die Vergewaltigung durch einen fremden Täter

Eine kriminalistisch-kriminologische 10-Jahres-Studie aus dem Land Brandenburg


[...] Eine gut angelegte und gut lesbare kriminalwissenschaftliche Studie. Auf Grundlage einer breiten Datenbasis und -analyse werden wertvolle Hinweise zur Erstellung verwertbarer Täterprofile erarbeitet, welche die Optimierung polizeilicher Aufklärungsarbeit vorantreiben kann.

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This monograph focuses on improving police performance in cases of surprise sexual assaults. The author has a degree in criminalistics and has worked for the police at the Landeskriminalamt, the German federal state of Brandenburg's criminal investigations office, as investigator and case analyst for over 20 years. This crime science oriented work analyses the case files of 318 rapes committed or attempted in Brandenburg between 1999 and 2008 by sole perpetrators not previously known to the female victims, all of which were at least 14 year old. With the aid of a questionnaire containing 291 variables, the crime is illustrated in a statistically detailed manner from the perpetrator, victim and criminal investigator perspective, and also explained in a simple way and discussed in its entirety. Generally observed are a consistently low number of cases every year, a low clear-up rate, a high proportion of attempted rapes due to the victim successfully fighting back and a more or less uniform and unspectacular modus operandi. The different biographical characteristics of victims and perpetrators can loosely be attributed to the socio-demographic living conditions in Brandenburg. The main outcome is a number of conclusions suitable for application in practice in order to optimise police investigation. Listing typical victim, perpetrator and crime characteristics, for example, produces generally applicable standard norms for criminalists; in this respect, the establishment of an empirically sound stranger rape perpetrator profile that can be used by the police is especially worth noting. An outline of the ideal typical investigation model and also individual pieces of advice regarding the solving of this specific crime may make the work of the investigators and case analysts consulted easier. Another aspect discussed is the best way for victims to behave in a rape situation in order to avoid injuries. The author also provides realistic guidance on how to quickly and positively identify cases of false allegation, and how to discredit these. This work provides numerous starting points for investigators and crime scientists regarding the solving and study of this type of crime.


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