Doktorarbeit: Studierfähigkeit und Hochschulreife im Kontext aktueller Entwicklungen

Studierfähigkeit und Hochschulreife im Kontext aktueller Entwicklungen

Empirische Betrachtungen und aktuelle Herausforderungen betreffend den Übergang zwischen Schule und Hochschule

Schulentwicklung in Forschung und Praxis, Band 24

Hamburg 2014, 294 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-8008-4 (Print & eBook)

Abitur, Bildungsforschung, Empirische Studie, Erziehungswissenschaft, Gymnasium, Hochschule, Hochschulreife, Kompetenzen, Pädagogik, Repertory Grid, Schule, Schulentwicklung, Studierfähigkeit, Universität

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The present work is focused on the research of the content of the matriculation standard and study skills as well as on the study of the passage from school to university in Germany. The prior aim is the identification of essential criteria of the matriculation standard. These criteria are identified by two empirical studies which are built on each other. The question of what is exactly meant by matriculation standard is largely clarified by this investigation. Thus the results of this work provide a basis for precise and targeted further development of the school and university system. An innovation is the use of the repertory grid technique for the systematization of central concepts in the field of education.

The study compares furthermore the requirements of the universities are compared with the goals of high school teachers.
The results provide concrete and scientifically substantiated advices and proposals on how the effectiveness of the higher education system can be improved in practice. The comparison of the requirements of the universities with the goals of high school teachers also shows in which field the need for action is most urgent.

The work also focuses on the historical and theoretical embedding of the matriculation standard as a construct in the overall context of education. In this context, we draw our attention on educational systems in non-German-speaking countries. The contemplation of the peculiarities of the German education system in international comparison enables for example a better evaluation and judgment of the relevance of international school performance comparisons such as TIMSS and PISA.

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