Doktorarbeit: Akzeptanz englischen Wortgutes in Lifestyle-Magazinen

Akzeptanz englischen Wortgutes in Lifestyle-Magazinen

Eine Untersuchung der Motivierbarkeit der Übernahme von Anglizismen vor dem Hintergrund des gesellschaftlichen Wertewandels – am Beispiel des österreichischen „Wiener“ und des bulgarischen „Egoist“

Schriften zur Kulturwissenschaft, volume 109

Hamburg , 368 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-7925-5 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-07925-1 (eBook)

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This work takes issue with the reasons for the invasion of Anglicisms in both Bulgarian and German language of advertising. The subjects of this survey are the advertisements in a couple of lifestyle magazines published October 2003 – October 2004: The Austrian magazine Wiener and in the Bulgarian magazine Egoist. The survey focuses on the lifestyle because it is one of the most intensely stricken aspects of life by that trend nowadays. Both magazines are representatives of a new sociolinguistic tendency which on one hand keeps our curiosity alive and motivates us to feel the spirit of today’s generation. On the other hand it provokes us to search for the reasons for the mass spread of Anglicisms - to look for the true nature of the motives leading to changes in the language of medias as well as borrowing new vocabulary. This is based on the assumption that the complex reasons triggering both language and media changes are supposed by the ability of the languages to borrow new vocabulary. However, they have non-language nature and they reflect on the new value orientation. The link between use and integration of Anglicisms and the values of the recipients in the adverts of Wiener and Egoist is under the spotlight.

The analysis’s results reveal that the change in values is what has to be considered as the main engine of language changes. For the hedonistic milieu, the readers of Wiener and Egoist in that number, the emotional value of the products is what matters. This provides ground for the appearance mainly of hedonistic values e. g. “individuality”, “trendiness”, “technological progress” and “experiencing our emotional needs”. Those values suggest a great number of Anglicisms used in lifestyle advertisements unlike the adverts with traditional values.


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