Doktorarbeit: Informelles Lernen im Arbeitsprozess

Informelles Lernen im Arbeitsprozess

Eine Untersuchung kontextueller Einflussfaktoren auf Lernaktivitäten von Softwareentwicklern

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Schriften zur Arbeits-, Betriebs- und Organisationspsychologie, volume 72

Hamburg , 170 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-7703-9 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-07703-5 (eBook)

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Due to the directness and relevance of informal learning at work, this way of learning engages the world’s attention. Informal learning at work is defined as learning processes that are embedded in daily work activities and changes the individual’s knowledge and skills. Through adequate work design, the opportunities to learn informally can be increased and needed support can be given. Hence, it is preferable, to gain insight into contextual influencing factors of informal learning at work and their kind of influence.

Whether and how contextual influencing factors and the employee’s perception of them predict informal learning at work is researched. The research model comprises the variables task complexity, trust and locating knowledge as well as interdependence and autonomy as predictors of informal learning at work.

Two studies are conducted in the domain of software developing. These comprise an explorative interview study to adapt the construct to the chosen domain and an online-based questioning in the chosen domain.

The results show that task complexity cannot be regarded as influencing factor on informal learning at work. However, trust and locating knowledge can be seen as influencing factors. Moreover, interdependence plays an important role for informal learning at work, but autonomy has no effect at all. Implication for practice and further research are illustrated in the book. This project contributes to the research in the field of informal learning at work by focusing on contextual influencing factors and their way of influencing. The value of this project lies in explaining theoretically different ways in which contextual factors predict informal learning at work. Influencing factors concerning the triggering of informal learning at work and influencing factors concerning the learning process are separated theoretically. This separation is meaningful for the analysis of informal learning at work. Additionally, the innovative method to research informal learning at work is noteworthy.

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