Dissertation: Management of Change and its Role in Facilitating IT Organizational Changes and Key IT Initiatives

Management of Change and its Role in Facilitating IT Organizational Changes and Key IT Initiatives

Studien zur Wirtschaftsinformatik, volume 81

Hamburg , 312 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-7674-2 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-07674-8 (eBook)

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Information technology represents an organizational backbone that integrates and controls business processes and information flow within organizations. The current dynamics of information technology necessitate fast recognition of both strategic technological innovations and the incorporation of efficient and effective ways to use new technology and new working patterns for employees.

Therefore there is a huge necessity to incorporate management of change techniques in the context of technological organizational change. This work systematizes the existing knowledge, simultaneously elaborating the theoretical and practical factors facilitating key organization-wide IT initiatives.

This book delves into the management of change discipline by describing theoretical foundation and summarizing the current literature's stance, as well as evaluating the human-related critical success factors responsible for effecting successful change in the IT organizational context.

The role of management of change has been expanded based on the theoretical framework and empirical analysis. More specifically, it demonstrates how management of change facilitates the IT organizational initiatives, shows the most popular organizational approaches devoted to the human aspects of change, and evaluates the role of top executives in the IT organizational change context.

Finally, the incorporated theoretical framework and findings derived from the empirical analysis propose a more pragmatic, structured approach to the management of change discipline, and suggest practical solutions for its application.


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