Monographie: Mountains and Words – Tadeusz Rózewicz‘s Selected Poems in English

Mountains and Words –
Tadeusz Rózewicz‘s Selected Poems in English

On Translation Techniques in the Language of Poetry

TRANSLATOLOGIE – Studien zur Übersetzungswissenschaft, Band 9

Hamburg 2013, 162 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-7637-7 (Print), ISBN 978-3-339-07637-3 (eBook)

Descriptive Translation Studies, Dichtung, Intersemiotische Übersetzung, Intersemiotizität, Intertextualität, Literarische Übersetzung, Polnische Dichtung, Rozewicz

Zum Inhalt

The literary translation appears to be a dangerous game with an unexpected quantity, a crusade towards new, unknown worlds, a struggle with linguistic and cultural mysteries, intertextual and intersemiotic relationships. The main aim of the monograph is to depict the translation phenomena of Tadeusz Różewicz’s poetry in English. Does the poetry of one of the most important contemporary Polish poets disappear while translated? Does a translation mean the death of the poem? Is the translator free in his decisions Must the translated poetry be ‘less poetic’ in other cultures and times?

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