Dissertation: Nationale und transnationale Identität in der spanischen Canción popular

Nationale und transnationale Identität in der spanischen Canción popular

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Schriften zur Kulturwissenschaft, volume 105

Hamburg , 518 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-7513-4 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-07513-0 (eBook)

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Ever since the second half of the eighteenth century, the „national identity” in Spain has been a much discussed topic for politicians, historians and literati. There exist numerous publications on this theme in various fields of study. Until today the area of popular song material has only been lightly considered in this respect. Popular song literature is however a significant factor in the identification process in the history of a society. Joachim Bach has analysed the relationship of textual music and of national and transnational identity within Spanish society using a wealth of songs from various epochs. A genre typology of the identifying song will serve as basis for the investigation joined with a worldwide survey of collective identifying songs, which will clarify the particular place value of the Spanish song.

In the main body of the book the author investigates the development of the national, regional and transnational identity of Spain in the song material of the canción popularr, especially in three essential phases of Spanish history: the Franco dictatorship (franquismo), the transition period (transición), and contemporary democracy (actualidad). The point of view of the dos or tres Españas will play a central role.

In this analysis important Spanish folksongs within the traditional music styles copla, cuplé, pasodoble, and flamenco will be treated alongside rock and pop music. Significant basic tenets will be equally considered in the development of Spanish music such as the critical songwriters or cantautores (e.g., Joan Manuel Serrat) during the Franco regime, the innovative groups of the movida madrileña (e.g., Radio Futura) during the transition period, or the transcultural mestizo movement (e.g., Manu Chao) in the time of contemporary democracy including Europeanisation and globalisation. Collectively, the book will provide a comprehensive survey on the development of music in Spain since the 1930s.

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