Doktorarbeit: Ausgabestrukturen demokratischer Parteien im internationalen Vergleich

Ausgabestrukturen demokratischer Parteien im internationalen Vergleich

POLITICA - Schriften­reihe zur politischen Wissen­schaft, Band 99

Hamburg 2013, 342 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-7333-8

Ausgabenhöhe, Ausgabestrukturen, Dänemark, Deutschland, Großbritannien, Internationaler Vergleich, Kosten der Parteien, Österreich, Parteien, Parteienfinanzierung, Parteienwettbewerb

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Political parties are a cornerstone of efficient modern democracies. To work they need money to pay e.g. for personal, offices, elections campaigns. Throughout we find a lot of studies in political science, which analyze the income of parties very closely – but comparative studies which analyze the spending of political parties are relatively uncommon so far.

The dissertation of Manuela S. Blumenberg makes a first step to close this gap, by comparing the spending of nineteen parties from four different countries (Germany, Great Britain, Austria and Denmark) over a period of nearly twenty-five years. The work makes use of the financial reports of the political parties as well as to other party and country specific information (like number of party members or the age of party/democracy). With these information the author analyzes the development, the level and the structure of the party spending and is able to reveal similarities and differences between the parties.

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