Dissertation: Die deutsche Minderheit in der Slowakei 1918–1945

Die deutsche Minderheit in der Slowakei 1918–1945

Die Parteienlandschaft im Spannungsfeld zwischen deutsch-ungarischer Tradition und deutsch-national(sozialistischem) Gedankengut

Studien zur Zeitgeschichte, volume 90

Hamburg , 328 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-7254-6 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-07254-2 (eBook)

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With the demise of the Danube Monarchy for the German minority in Upper Hungary, since 1918 Slovakia, a several centuries belonging to Hungarian Kingdom came to an end. In Czechoslovakia founded the Carpathian Germans themselves in an ambivalent position. On the one hand, in the period after 1918 many Germans adhered to their by the Hungarian national traditions deeply affected convictions. Otherwise, the Czechoslovak state policy on minorities gave the Carpathian Germans the opportunity to strengthen their national consciousness. The conflict that emerged from this tension has shaped the history of the German minority in Slovakia in the interwar period.

This book analyses the key factors for the politico-ideological split of Carpathian Germans after 1918 plus the development of the resulting conflicts. At the same time it examines how the German national integration occurred and how the radicalization of the German national movement towards the extreme right has taken place. The focus of the research lies on the political parties. In a further step a closer look is taken at the question of what role political, economic and cultural organizations of Sudeten Germans played in this conflict as well as what effect if any the politico-ideological changes in Sudetenland had on the Carpathian German political culture.

Furthermore the book discusses the National Socialist period of the Carpathian German history (1938–1945), in which the processes and confrontations set in motion before 1938 experienced the progression to totalitarianism. This becomes particularly obvious if one looks at the issue of treatment of the (cultural-)ideological “enemies” (mainly Hungaricized Carpathian Germans, Hungarians and Jews).

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