Forschungsarbeit: Quo vadis, Bologna?

Quo vadis, Bologna?

The Challenges to Catholic Higher Education in Germany

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LEHRE & FORSCHUNG – Hochschule im Fokus.
Interdisziplinäre Schriftenreihe zu Hochschulbildung, Hochschulleben, Hochschulmanagement und Hochschulpolitik
, volume 18

Hamburg , 178 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-7168-6 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-07168-2 (eBook)

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“No one can serve two masters” (Gospel of Matthew, 6:24). Nevertheless, that is exactly what Catholic Theology Faculties in Germany are supposed to do. They are expected to comply with the state laws and to fulfil the expectations of the Holy See simultaneously. However, as both parties involved promote their own specific values, this situation cannot but lead to conflicts and, possibly, even unsolvable problems. Consequently, knowing where, why and with what consequences problems exist, or may arise, is paramount for their collaboration.

The Bologna Process makes no exception. Precisely because of the particular state-Church relationship in Germany the Bologna-Process has not been fully implemented yet, though the Holy See has been a member for ten years. And, strangely enough, no public discussion of its specific impact on Catholic higher education has hitherto been initiated.

The study opens this long overdue discussion by critically analysing the two major areas of potential conflict: (1) The fundamental goal of the Holy See as the largest international provider of higher education Europe-wide to promote the spiritual mission of the Catholic Church through all its institutions wherever they are situated. (2) The both factual and hermeneutical erroneous concept that the Bologna Process requires purely formal changes without impairing the contents and objectives of (Catholic) education.

The results clearly show that the implementation of the Bologna Process inevitably leads to changes and necessary adjustments on both sides. At the same time, by explaining where, how, and why they occur, they provide the basis to introduce further adjustments and corrections.

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