Doktorarbeit: Impact of Incentives and Working Conditions on Performance and Satisfaction

Impact of Incentives and Working Conditions on Performance and Satisfaction

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ISBN 978-3-8300-6743-6 (Print) |ISBN 978-3-339-06743-2 (eBook)

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Since the first workers were engaged by organizations and, work moved beyond a sole owner, incentives, organizational structures, and their impacts on employees have been crucial topics. This subject area has continued to be of interest as work environments and work organizations continue to change; in modern times, the effects of globalization on working conditions have been remarkable. Globalization, together with cost pressures and demands for efficiency to ensure competitiveness, demands highly flexible, motivated employees. These employees often face longer working hours, higher workloads, and fierce competition in the labor market, prompting intense discussions about wages and bonuses. Research in this field thus spans topics related to the economy, employment, wages, motivation, and work–life balance.

This study deals with the influence of labor conditions and incentives on employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance. This book aims to advance research on labor economics in three main studies. First, the contract selection of employers and the effect of incentive contracts on employees’ performance are examined. Second, the impact of ownership on performance is considered. Both these topics contribute to experimental economic literature by extending understanding of the incentive effects of wages or ownership structures. With laboratory experiments, a range of potential influences can be controlled and we overcome the lack of available field data. Third, an empirical analysis reveals the effects of working hours and working hour mismatches on satisfaction, using data from the field, which offers contributions to the discussion of work–life balance.

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