Doktorarbeit: A New Dynamic Model of Creativity

A New Dynamic Model of Creativity

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Schriften zur pädagogischen Psychologie, Band 47

Hamburg , 290 Seiten

ISBN 978-3-8300-5291-3 (Print) |ISBN 978-3-339-05291-9 (eBook)

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This book provides a clear, readable, informative, up-to-date and timely introduction to this field of knowledge and traces the history of the conception of creativity. It provides an in-depth literature review, offers a new dimension to the contemporary debates about the role of the creative process in the creation of new knowledge and products and gives thought-provoking insights on concepts, theoretical principles, models, processes, implications, and research studies.

The author discusses the different ways in which the conception of creativity has been studied and constructed. In addition, she introduces a new definition and offers an outline for a new dynamic model of creativity.

What is special about the new definition and model is the fact that it can be used for any domain (is not limited to art or any field of knowledge in particular), the inclusion and importance of the epistemic heritage, and the emphasis on the thinking process.

All in all, this book could open new ways and approaches towards studying creativity scientifically. It needs, later on, to be empirically validated. Such a book is strongly recommended and will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers: Educators in many fields, (cognitive) psychologists, educational psychologists, scientists and experienced researchers, postgraduate students, school teachers and principals, as well as general readers interested in this field of knowledge. (It is not one of the many books for parents who want to know how to foster their kids’ creative abilities.)

Its interdisciplinary approach makes it very interesting for people who are used to thinking on parallel tracks, having broad background knowledge in different disciplines. For those interested and committed to developing high quality programmes and innovative teaching methods, it provides an excellent framework which needs to be filled with concrete examples.

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