Forschungsarbeit: World History and the Belief in God

World History and the Belief in God

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THEOS - Studien­reihe Theolo­gische Forschungs­ergebnisse, Band 90

Hamburg 2010, 122 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-5177-0

Epochen, Evolution, Geschichte, Gottesfrage, Natureinordnung, Religionswissenschaft, Sinnfrage, Theologie, Weltgeschichte

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In "World History and the Belief in God” the author develops a new perspective of history. His outline of the five epochs of world history with their cultural, socio-economic and political aspects defines what was important to all human beings. In the final chapter, integrating pre-human natural history into his overall view of human development, he discusses the philosophical and religious quest for God.

This book is the translated and revised version of the author’s "Weltgeschichtliche Epochen und die Frage nach Gott”, also published by Verlag Dr. Kovac in two editions (2000/2007).

About the author

Dr. Friedrich Blocher, born 1931, was a teacher of history at a German high school. From 1977-80 he worked as a volunteer in Tanzania/East Africa. He has committed himself since to fair relations between industrial and developing countries (see page 85 ff. of his book "World History and the Belief in God").

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