Forschungsarbeit: Projektevaluation alternativ – Fieldwork mit Straßenkindern in Entwicklungsländern

Projektevaluation alternativ – Fieldwork mit Straßenkindern in Entwicklungsländern

GEOGRAPHICA – Schriftenreihe Geowissenschaften und Geographie, volume 2

Hamburg , 204 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-4704-9 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-04704-5 (eBook)

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This article is about the evaluation of a project, i. e. about the appraisal of an institution. It deals with a project for children, which is named Gugma sa Kabataan (Love for Children), and with an evaluation through field work, which is managed as case study (exemplary analysis).

Street children an dfield work are complex phenomena with controversial expressions. nevertheless, it is for certain that the former live under more or less difficult conditions and that letter shows itself as suitable for research with street children. The example of Gugma sa Kabataan as Case Study is choosen to make abstract ideas comprehensible as concrete realizations for the complex topic project evaluation.

Developing countries also involve obstacles for the researcher, e. g. corruption and terrorism. The challenge for the researcher consists in performing field work with street children within their adverse environments in freedom and jail despite these obstacles. The Phillipines are selected example since the culture of projects and evaluations is developed to a high extend and can be used well for comparisons.

In development cooperation, there are heaps of both evaluations of projects and field work with street children. But science seems to steer well clear of connecting both due to the related and partly unsolvable difficulties. this article dares connecting both as Case Study on Gugma sa Kabataan, not keeping quiet but speaking open about the related and partly unsolvable difficulties.


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