Dissertation: Coaching von Mobbing-Opfern

Coaching von Mobbing-Opfern

Ein systemisch-lösungsorientierter Ansatz zur pädagogischen Kurzzeitberatung

EUB. Erziehung – Unterricht – Bildung, volume 144

Hamburg , 362 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-4482-6 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-04482-2 (eBook)

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The study explores new ways regarding the coaching of mobbing victims from a pedagogical point of view and develops the systemic, goal-oriented consulting approach for this special consulting situation. Thus several sections of pedagogics as consulting sciences with a focus on adult education are analyzed.

At first the special, rather disappointing current status and research situation regarding pedagogics as consulting sciendes and adult education in general as well as coaching and mobbing in particular is explored (chapter 1: Introduction).

Secondly, coaching, a special form of consulting for employees, is looked at from a pedagogical point of view (chapter 2: Coaching). Afterwards, the ways of helping mobbing victims by coaching is shown by way of example (chapters 5, 7 and 8 – see below).

For doing this the phenomenon of mobbing is presented in a detailed way (chapter 3: Mobbing). In this part the situation of the mobbing victim is discussed in particular, because the mobbing victim is the client of coachings (chapter 4: mobbing victim).

Because the systemic, goal-oriented consulting concept seems particularly apt to be used in coaching mobbing victims, this systemic, goal-oriented consulting approach is presented; it is shown what characterizes this approach and how exactly it is adequate for coaching mobbing victims; therefore a 14 points programme of characteristic qualities is developed (chapter 6: The systemic, goal-oriented coaching approach).

Finally it is shown what the coaching of mobbing victims employing a systemic, goal-oriented concept could be like; this is developd regarding the theoretical concept (chapter 7: An innovative model for the coaching of mobbing victims according to the systemic, goal-oriented consulting approach) and regarding practical interventions (chapter 8: The course of an intervention process: guidance to a concrete proceeding with an exemplary depiction of typical and goal-oriented interventions in the coaching of mobbing victims according to the systemic, goal-oriented consulting approach). Therefore the following points are developed in an innovative and result-oriented procedure combining the presentation and discussion of the research situation and the consolidation of three research areas (coaching, mobbing, systemic goal-oriented consulting):

  • a new form of consulting for pedagogics, namely the coaching is developed;
  • the current mobbing discussion is advanced;
  • new solution methods in the coaching of mobbing victims are found;
  • a theoretical concept and specific practical interventions according to the systemic, goal-oriented approach are developed.

These results are, according to the thematic classification, presented in constitutive chapters and they converge in the presentation of the newly developed model for the coaching of mobbing victims according to the systemic, goal-oriented consulting approach.



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