Doktorarbeit: Preparation for the University Entrance Examination

Preparation for the University Entrance Examination

Determinants of Effective Self-Regulation in Exam Preparation among Chinese High School Students

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Schriften zur pädagogischen Psychologie, Band 32

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ISBN 978-3-8300-3325-7 (Print) |ISBN 978-3-339-03325-3 (eBook)

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Each year thousands and millions Chinese senior high school students have to prepare for the university entrance examination (UEE) for their aspiration for higher education. This preparation learning lasts almost one year, with a great amount of learning content, difficult problems, complicated tasks, and fierce competition. During this period, they have to meet lots of challenges, such as, adjusting or maintaining their interest for learning, improving learning strategies, adapting to the learning environment, alleviating test anxiety, etc. All these activities require active self-regulation.

Given the fact that exam preparation is a critical part of students’ lives and important for students all over the world, or even adults who are going to take professional qualification exams, it would be significant to study the learning characteristics in exam preparation. Although there are many practical guides for exam preparation, scientific research is indeed scarce in this potential-stricken field. Researchers and educators have the responsibility to discover effective determinants for exam preparation so as to help students overcome difficulties and reach their goals. Thus, exam preparation, as an important educational event, deserves intensive research and intervention for many students who are tortured by test anxiety, lacking of motivation for learning, ineffective learning strategies, or poor test performance.

After a literature review in exam preparation and three phases of interviews, the research questions were raised as:

  • Whether students’ exam preparation is a self-regulation process?
  • If this were the case, how students self-regulate in exam preparation?
  • What components are involved in students’ exam preparation?
  • What are the relationships among the components?
  • What are the determinants of effective self-regulation in exam preparation in respect to achievement in the exam?
  • Are there any individual differences in exam preparation between gifted and non-gifted students? Are these differences influence students’ self-regulation and academic achievement?
  • Are there any gender differences in exam preparation?
  • Whether the current self-regulated learning theory is enough to study exam preparation?

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