Forschungsarbeit: Der stalinistische Umbau in Estland

Der stalinistische Umbau in Estland

Von der Markt- zur Kommandowirtschaft

Hamburger Beiträge zur Geschichte des östlichen Europa, Band 14

Hamburg 2006, 306 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-1463-8 (Print), ISBN 978-3-339-01463-4 (eBook)


[...] The special situation of the newly acquired territories that were reoccupied in 1944, and the resulting differences to the rest of the union, make the book an interesting read.
It is the first post-Soviet attempt to provide an overview ober the economic sovietization in Estonia. And in contrast to many other overviews it is mainly based on a wide range of archival sources. It is true, the statistical work inevitably suffers from a certain amount of incredibility of the sources and can sometimes be done only by means of small case studies. However, Mertelsmann uses the quantitative material in a cautious way and juxtaposes it with a great amount of narrative statements that give insight into the daily practices of the Soviet economy. The outcome is a very readable and useful account of the Soviet command economy in Estonia.

David Feest, in:
Cahiers du monde russe, 47/4 | 2006

Estland, Geschichtswissenschaft, Kommandowirtschaft, Sowjetisierung, Sowjetunion, Stalinismus, Wirtschaftsgeschichte

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