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Tagungsband: The Sámi and the Scandinavians

The Sámi and the Scandinavians

Aspects of 2000 years of contact

Schriften zur Kulturwissenschaft, Band 55

Hamburg 2004, 242 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-1138-5 (Print & eBook)

Archäologie, Ethnologie, Geschichte, Kulturkontakt, Kulturwissenschaft, Linguistik, Literaturwissenschaft, Sprachkontakt, Sprachwissenschaft

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This book gives a new perspective on S?mi-Scandinavian contacts with special reference not only to the Scandinavian influence on S?mi culture, but also to the S?mi impact on Scandinavian culture and languages. The contributions from archaeologists, historians, folklorists, anthropologists, literary historians and linguists complement one another and give a differentiated picture of the S?mi-Scandinavian contacts.

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