Dissertation: Negotiation and its Changing Environment

Negotiation and its Changing Environment

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Schriftenreihe zum Verhandlungsmanagement, volume 20

Hamburg , 218 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-13366-3 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-13367-0 (eBook)

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Business negotiations are of fundamental importance for companies, and responsible for their economic success. Furthermore, negotiations can be considered as a possibility to achieve a competitive advantage due to the opportunity to build and preserve relationships with various organisational stakeholders. Business negotiations are therefore responsible for securing the company's long-term development, and require a systematic management including the consideration and early detection of changes in the environment.

In recent years, those environmental changes are characterized by an increasing acceleration and degree of discontinuity, such as an exponential growth of technological change or unpredictable events within the context of political and health care crises. These changes can lead to numerous opportunities, but also pose challenges since they affect every corporate division, and particularly interaction processes such as business negotiations. However, negotiation research barely considers environmental changes and still views negotiations exclusively as a decision-making and conflict-resolving process between parties. To date, negotiation research has not yet managed to holistically examine the interdependent influence of various changing environmental drivers with business negotiations and to integrate them into a systematic management approach.

The overarching goal of this dissertation is, therefore, to examine how a changing and uncertain environment impacts business negotiations. For this purpose, changes of environmental drivers and their connection to negotiation aspects are analyzed to reveal different long-term development directions and derive strategic and behavioral consequences for negotiators. Within three studies, global trends and their impact on business negotiations are first analyzed (Study 1). Subsequently, interdependencies of comprehensive environmental drivers and future relevant negotiation aspects are examined and condensed into future scenarios (Study 2). Finally, negotiation behaviors and strategies are derived for each scenario. A particular focus was placed on the use of integrative behaviors within an uncertain negotiation environment (Study 3).

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