Forschungsarbeit: Leben und Licht – aus molekularer Sicht

Leben und Licht – aus molekularer Sicht

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Schriftenreihe naturwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse, volume 86

Hamburg , 392 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-13304-5 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-13305-2 (eBook)

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Life and light - from a molecular point of view

The aim of this book is to demonstrate that at the molecular level organisms are inseparably connected to their photonic level, including light. In order to come to the point, firstly, the phenomenon light is viewed from a physical perspective. Then it is explained how microwaves or light are formed in proteins and, what it means that these waves interact in a resonant way with their target molecules. Subsequently, the construction of mitochondria - the power stations of eucaryotic cells - is described and how the information- and power- transporter ATP is formed. Also, the formation of light in mitochondria is explained as well as the effect of external low level laser light on their ATP production. Then, the possible formation of laser light in filamentous mitochondria is discussed, as well as the transformation of information by light to the light conducting microtubules and from there to further cells. Thereafter follows a short description of the formation of light photons outside the mitochondria as well as a report on the quantitative estimation of biophotons emitted from human hands and other body parts. Finally, the subject DNA in combination with the formation of biological characteristics comes into focus. After a short explanation of the molecular expression of genes coding for proteins, DNA regions are considered that do not code for proteins and RNA molecules. Experimental results are cited where genetic attributes could be transferred via microwaves from one plant species to another plant species or from one animal species to another. These and further results indicate that the “non coding” DNA regions carry information in the form of electromagnetic waves including light. The cited results lead to the conclusion that the information that defines organisms comes from a special life energy transferred from informational spaces.

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