Doktorarbeit: Future Perspectives on Business Negotiations

Future Perspectives on Business Negotiations

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Schriftenreihe zum Verhandlungsmanagement, volume 19

Hamburg , 194 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-13256-7 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-13257-4 (eBook)

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Negotiations are complex decision-making processes, characterized by a dynamic business environment and global economic influences. Although business negotiations significantly contribute to firm performance and strategic corporate planning, their future development has not been researched yet. To broaden the field of futures research in negotiations, the dissertation provides measures to guide negotiators and their business decisions and enable the derivation of practice-relevant research findings, and exploratively investigates the future of negotiations with practitioner studies. Previous and current research findings are used to acquire general future knowledge that relates to the impact of trends on negotiations and negotiation behavior. The new insights build the foundation to form holistic negotiation scenarios defined by strongly interconnected factors that will determine future negotiations. The effective preparation of negotiators for the future complements the findings by examining how negotiation teaching should be designed to sustainably improve future negotiation performance. Each dissertation paper investigates one of the outlined areas of interest. The first paper analyzes how megatrends affect business negotiations, based on six future-oriented negotiation factors. The results of an online survey with negotiation practitioners and expert interviews show a global future orientation with long- and short-term partnerships, growing interconnectedness, and higher expectations that negotiators will cope with the increased complexity. The identification and design of holistic negotiation scenarios is examined in the second paper, to complement the acquisition of future knowledge and its impact on business negotiations. In a multistage study process, the qualitative and quantitative scenario approach reveals five holistic negotiation scenarios that provide empirically validated strategic guidance for the future. Common developments that are pointed out in all scenarios imply high interaction between negotiating partners and the support of innovation in negotiation partnerships. They also show a need to commit to negotiation technologies, advise the development of negotiation talents and encourage pragmatic and flexible negotiation behavior. The third paper focuses on preparing companies for the future by designing effective negotiation training to enhance negotiation performance and equip negotiators with the necessary competencies to face future challenges. The comparison of practitioners’ negotiation training with different teaching modalities show that in-person negotiation training is more effective than online training, despite the increase in online education in recent years. The dissertation closes by connecting, summarizing, and discussing the study results and deriving implications for practice, limitations, and ideas for future research.

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