Dissertation: Miles – Reiter – Ritter – Gotteskrieger: Der europäische Panzerreiter im Vorderen Orient

Miles – Reiter – Ritter – Gotteskrieger: Der europäische Panzerreiter im Vorderen Orient

Krieger, Herrscher, Kulturvermittler (ca. 1050–ca. 1200) und ihre romantisierende Reflexion im 13. Jahrhundert

Schriften zur Mediävistik, volume 33

Hamburg , 670 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-13188-1 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-13189-8 (eBook)

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The knights of the Middle Ages. Europe’s legendary warriors and — Europe’s best cultural ambassadors? Based on a broad range of literature, this book attempts to gain deeper insights into the impact of those mythical armoured horsemen as they faced down new and alien enemies at the edges of Europe and beyond. Driven by religious zeal, political ambition, desperate personal circumstances or simple greed, they did not only cross swords with those strange cultures, but were introduced to new wonders and ideas which they would bring to Europe as well.

This study touches on a multitude of fields of research decisive for a deeper understanding of this contact — for, far from the cliché of the medieval simpleton, many of them were more than formidable fighters on the battlefield. They were gifted authors, solvent jurists or farsighted politicians who left their mark on an entire age. Moreover, they left a rich cultural legacy, decisively molded through contact with other peoples. Those peoples — and particularly those of equal prowess, if even similar in rank and repute — will be examined here as well, as this mutual contact, be it peaceful or violent, would be a deciding factor for the path that European knighthood would embark on in its history. Warriors of both sides equally served as inspiration for songs and literary epics; their continued fame as icons of an age already passing into myth during their lifetimes will be examined as well as the true events behind these influential texts.

The focus lies on the rich heritage of these multifaceted interactions as foundational elements of a warrior culture that only though the contact with the „other“ reached that zenith which cemented its enduring legacy.

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