Doktorarbeit: Wettbewerbsfähigkeit globaler Produktionsnetzwerke

Wettbewerbsfähigkeit globaler Produktionsnetzwerke

Ökonomische Analyse situativ stimmiger Netzwerkgestaltung

Probleme und Chancen der Globalisierung, volume 13

Hamburg , 254 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-13078-5 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-13079-2 (eBook)

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Global production networks (GPNs) strive to improve or at least maintain their competitiveness. In order to achieve this objective, GPNs (re-)act in the context of internal and external situational influencing factors or conditions. Particularly noteworthy are the opportunities and challenges, such as access to markets, cultural differences and globally distributed production locations.

The aim of the research work is to show, based on central situation dimensions, which form of network design is advantageous under which basic situational conditions. Accordingly, the research question is: Under which conditions is market or hierarchical governance of a global production network suitable in order to achieve economic success? In order to answer the research-leading question, three situational influencing factors are identified. Hence, these factors – standardization of production, geographical distance and psychological distance – as well as market and hierarchical governance are subjected to a combined examination. The relevant findings are consolidated in the form of a decision matrix.

The previously identified findings are verified with the help of a case study using four Global Production Networks (GPNs). For each GPN, the focal company is researched in relation to an interorganizational (market) as well as an intraorganizational (hierarchical) production network. In this way, the theory-based assumptions consolidated in the decision matrix can be subjected to an empirical test. In addition, the suitability of central coordination mechanisms in terms of efficient transaction execution is being worked out.

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