Doktorarbeit: Erfolgreiche Marketing-Kommunikation für numerische Produktattribute

Erfolgreiche Marketing-Kommunikation für numerische Produktattribute

Wie die Objektivierung von Zahlen und Einheiten die Einstellung von Konsumenten beeinflusst

Studien zum Konsumentenverhalten, volume 91

Hamburg , 286 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-12744-0 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-12745-7 (eBook)

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Numerical product attributes often form the USP of a product and are a decisive purchase criterion for consumers. However, the evaluation of these product attributes proves to be difficult for consumers: Is a speed of 200 Mbit/s for an Internet connection high? Is 20 grams of protein in a cereal bar a lot? Is a car’s carbon emission of 138 g/km considered low? Some industries, such as the technology sector, have a large number of newly introduced, different product attributes. The numerical specifications for innovations and new key technologies are often unknown to consumers. Especially in these fields, it can be difficult for consumers to accurately grasp the value and quantity of attributes. The incorrect evaluation of a numerical product attribute such as underestimating a product’s performance can also be detrimental to companies. The author shows how companies can achieve positive results for consumers’ attitudes towards the product offering and their purchase intentions through a novel and simple communication strategy – the objectification of numerical product attributes. Here, abstract numerical attributes are translated with concrete objects or actions (for example: “This eBook reader has 4 GB of storage, which is equivalent to 1000 books.”). In this research project, a systematic literature review is used to integrate the research fields of psychology, neuroscience, and education in numerical cognition in order to identify the essential components and logic for objectification. A total of six experiments are conducted to show how objectification can have a positive effect on consumer perceptions and attitudes. The author concludes by deriving new theoretical as well as practical insights for the communication of numerical product attributes.

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