Doktorarbeit: Strategien von regionalen Hausbanken im Zuge der Internationalisierung ihrer Firmenkunden

Strategien von regionalen Hausbanken im Zuge der Internationalisierung ihrer Firmenkunden

Eine qualitativ-empirische Analyse

Finanzmanagement, volume 142

Hamburg , 420 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-12496-8 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-12497-5 (eBook)

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Internationalization strategies of banks are a relevant topic for science and practice. Banks are moving in a globalization dynamic that affects not only multinational corporations, but also medium-sized companies. Thus, traditionally regional banks with focus on SME finance are facing the challenge of dealing with the internationalization of their corporate clients. Saving banks and cooperative banks especially need suitable strategies to position themselves in increasingly global competition. This is all the more true in the current challenging environment with low interest rates, changed customer behavior, high competition and strict regulation. Regional banks therefore find it difficult to generate adequate income. Whether and to what extent a forced internationalization strategy can remedy this issue is the subject of the book.

For this purpose expanding SMEs and their financiers are coming into focus based on the “relationship lending“ models. In Germany, too, this relationship-based lending dominates, where trust is known as prerequisite, hygiene factor and result. From the perspective of strategic management, the thesis analyzes the multifaceted conditions of banking decisions. A criteria-based derivation of relevant mega- and metatrends in the banking sector is carried out. In addition, regulatory norms for the lending business are determined in order to derive potential consequences for SMEs, also in international business. Especially for the latter, banks as financial intermediaries can mitigate informational problems. Information acquired abroad also helps in the home market and in the course of the expansion projects of domestic SMEs. For this purpose, opportunities and risks of international business as well as identification criteria for customer-side internationalization potential are examined.

The broad and deep analysis, including expert interviews, shows significant results. Besides that, the work delivers perspectives on options for action for regional banks. For example, there are attractive opportunities in the financing of global SME value chains and in international business that increases margins, especially in times of declining earnings and the ever-decreasing bank equity.

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