Doktorarbeit: Die Beendigungskündigung des Bürgschaftsvertrages

Die Beendigungskündigung des Bürgschaftsvertrages

– zugleich ein Beitrag zur einseitigen Beendigung von tripolaren, interzessionaren Rechtsverhältnissen aus rechtshistorischer, rechtsdogmatischer und rechtsvergleichender Sicht

Studien zum Zivilrecht, volume 118

Hamburg , 308 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-12158-5 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-12159-2 (eBook)

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The criteria according to which a surety agreement can be terminated are described in case law and legal doctrine only in an indefinite and partly unclear manner. There are no abstract-general statements on the terminability of a surety agreement, neither with regard to the grounds for termination, the possible notice period to be observed, nor with regard to a minimum term of the surety, which is sometimes claimed and within which termination should not be permissible. The aim of this work is to discuss the legal-historical and legal-dogmatic foundations, the factual prerequisites and the legal consequences of the termination of the surety agreement and to provide a dogmatically justified and coherent classification. This is intended to achieve greater legal clarity and legal certainty for the application of the law in the termination of surety agreements.

In this context, the historical references of the work are to be understood phenomenologically against the background that the history of law is questioned with regard to the interests to be evaluated and the solutions offered for them. This approach inevitably brings the countries with which the civil law system of the Federal Republic of Germany is in the same legal sphere into the focus of the study. In this respect, the focus of the comparative law sections of the present work is on the examination of the so-called German legal circle, which is limited by the legal systems of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Swiss Confederation and the Republic of Austria. In addition, not least because of the food for thought provided by the Draft Common Frame of Reference (DCFR) for personal securities, special attention is also paid to the analysis of the legal frameworks proposed or prescribed by the European Community up to the European Union for the unification of the development of law in the Member States.

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