Doktorarbeit: Der Übergang in den Ruhestand

Der Übergang in den Ruhestand

Eine qualitative gesundheitswissenschaftliche Studie am Beispiel von Handwerkern

Schriftenreihe Gesundheitswissenschaften, volume 30

Hamburg , 324 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-11690-1 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-11691-8 (eBook)

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Due to the demographic changes, topics concerning aging become of greater importance. This qualitative study investigates the transition into requirement using the example of craftsmen. The main focus of this study is not objective influencing factors, but the subjective experiences and the subjective interpretations of people, who stand at or are crossing the threshold to this new phase of life.

In the theoretical part, the significance of work for society and the individual will be pointed out, and the special situation of craftsmen in relation to employment, health and health behavior will be further discussed. The health science theories this study is based on will be presented, furthermore theories about aging, health and disease, as well as theories and models about transition.

The empirical part contains the results of an evaluation of 24 guided interviews with craftsmen who have been retired for no more than 30 months. The evaluation was conducted according to the qualitative content analysis.

Different people with individual biographies and a series of different variables, which are interconnected in diverse ways, account for the differential experiences of the transition phase.

In this study, the main focus is the subjective experience concerning prior occupation, the subjective health, the social relationships and the everyday living arrangements of the affected individual. The results are compared with similar studies that have been published on this topic before and subsequently discussed.

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