Doktorarbeit: Unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln in der deutschen Hotellerie

Unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln in der deutschen Hotellerie

Eine empirische Analyse aus der Individualperspektive der Hotelmanager

Führung und Führungskräfte, volume 10

Hamburg , 184 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-11672-7 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-11673-4 (eBook)

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In economic life, professional and managerial staff are increasingly exposed to the demand to be prudent business leaders. But how can a manager become an entrepreneur? This study condensings the still incomplete knowledge about the individual influence of entrepreneurial thinking on the ability of a company to act entrepreneurially. The highly differentiated German hotel market serves as a field of research. Here, diverse and partly contradictory market dynamics meet a predominantly small and medium-sized provider structure, whose members are currently associated with a rather low willingness to innovate. In this field of contrast, the question is explored which individual entrepreneurial ways of thinking can support and strengthen the firms’ ability to act entrepreneurially and to what extent.

A theoretically derived research model is empirically tested by evaluating 316 data sets from an online survey of hotel managers from hotel companies throughout Germany. The research model is tested with a structural equation analysis. Two central findings are shown by the results: The individual diversity of entrepreneurial thinking has a supporting effect on the ability to act entrepreneurially. The diversity of thinking arises from the combination of two central ways of thinking: causation and effectuation logic. In addition, the individual tolerance of market uncertainties, a principle of the effectuation logic, contributs to the promotion of entrepreneurial action in the hotel companies studied. Based on these results, proposals are made on how to apply the previously little-known effectuation logic among German hotel managers more effectively.

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