Dissertation: Storytelling in Negotiations

Storytelling in Negotiations

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Schriftenreihe zum Verhandlungsmanagement, volume 11

Hamburg , 144 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-11452-5 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-11453-2 (eBook)

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Due to negotiations’ major impact on organizational performance and communication’s prominent role during the interactive decision-making process, negotiators search for effective methods to design communication systematically. Storytelling is an approach that has been proven to be successful in many respects, but only outside of the negotiation context. Previous studies have shown that each storytelling application area has its peculiarities and academics cannot simply transfer findings to other fields. This dissertation’s overarching goal is, therefore, to resolve the question of how useful strategically applied storytelling is in negotiations.

Three studies are depicted in the present work. Study 1 provides a broad overview of the existing interdisciplinary research on storytelling and deduces implications for negotiations. The conceptual study answers the following research question: What exactly is storytelling and what does the existing interdisciplinary research imply in terms of negotiations? Study 2 empirically examines storytelling’s effects on the number of contract conclusions and the individual negotiation outcome based on a negotiation experiment. It therefore concentrates on the question of how storytelling influences negotiation outcomes. Study 3 aims at identifying and analyzing the storytelling parameters that are relevant for success in negotiations by means of semi-structured expert interviews and another negotiation experiment.

The dissertation altogether shows why and how negotiators should prepare and apply storytelling to ensure that it supports their negotiation performance as effectively as possible. For illustration purposes, the work contains various practical examples and recommendations.

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