Sammelband: Some current elements of health awareness through the prism of food, exercise and education

Some current elements of health awareness through the prism of food, exercise and education

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EUB. Erziehung – Unterricht – Bildung, Band 195

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ISBN 978-3-339-11368-9 (Print) |ISBN 978-3-339-11369-6 (eBook)

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The scientific monograph titled „Some Topical Elements of Health Awareness through the Prism of Nutrition, Exercise and Education“ connects several topical issues in the field of nutrition and exercise that are present today. These are explored by the authors, from their perspective, in the search for a better quality of life. In this respect, the authors take into account the fact that education and exercise represent the basis that enables an in-depth consideration of issues in the field of nutrition and exercise. Closely linked to the above mentioned is our psychological well-being, which represents the basis of our mental health and is both the cause and consequence of mental health in general. In the present, we are faced with numerous seemingly well-intentioned campaigns and subliminal messages that guide us to make conscious decisions towards a healthier lifestyle and to point out the incorrigible human behavior between choosing what is good and what we prefer.

Healthy eating, regular exercise, and taking care of one’s health need to be learned, and it’s much easier and more beneficial for society to begin with the younger generations. One of the key factors in addition to primary families are also educational institutions, which through their work and thought-out approach, can help shape the attitude of the youngest towards everything that the adults want them to internalize. The chapters in the monograph are contributions that are substantially relevant to various fields of expertise and are supported by appropriate scientific methodology. The authors follow the modern guidelines of scientific work, taking into consideration current European and world knowledge. With their refreshed knowledge and tireless research work, they bring us the results of their research, which represents a fresh perspective in the field of nutrition, exercise and education that awakens critical thinking. The specific value of this scientific monograph lies in the diversity of the fields addressed, that are connected to a meaningful whole and from which one can discern a tendency that points towards a greater awareness of people about health. Health will be an increasingly valued virtue that, as such, will require special attention from the scientific world.

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