Forschungsarbeit: Jobben oder arbeiten? Anglizismen ein bisschen anders

Jobben oder arbeiten?
Anglizismen ein bisschen anders

Studien zur Germanistik, Band 83

Hamburg 2020, 118 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-339-11354-2 (Print), ISBN 978-3-339-11355-9 (eBook)

Anglizismen, Anglizismus, Germanistik, Linguistik, Sprachbereicherung, Sprachverfall, Sprachwandel

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Germans enjoy forming new words, and they are inventive and ingenious in this activity. Despite this or maybe just because of that they do not avoid using Anglicisms – words of English origin. And it is not surprising. There are a lot of words of Latin, Greek, and French origin in the German language. So why not words of English origin? At this point a question arises: Why do some language purists avoid fight against Anglicisms? They argument that the German language has a rich inventory of its own words at disposal. However, most Germans are persuaded that newly formed words from any language enrich their own language. New words reflect history, culture, a nation’s mentality, and in particular new trends.

This monograph deals with the issue of Anglicisms in the German language from various aspects. It clarifies orthographic, phonetic, morphological, syntactic, and lexicological integration of Anglicisms and analyses the most important language, historical, economic, cultural, and political factors based on which the influence of the English language is increasing. These, of course, include also the IT related factors.

The author of the monograph is also trying to find an answer to the question whether Anglicisms mean enrichment for the German language, and what advantages or disadvantages are involved in using Anglicisms in German.

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