Dissertation: Feinstaubemissionen bei der Verbrennung von Holz- und Holz/Stroh-Mischpellets

Feinstaubemissionen bei der Verbrennung von Holz- und Holz/Stroh-Mischpellets

Einfluss einer Brennstoffadditivierung

Schriftenreihe technische Forschungsergebnisse, volume 35

Hamburg , 260 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-11052-7 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-11053-4 (eBook)

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  The provision of heat from renewable energies is becoming increasingly important for climate protection reasons. Therefore, the use of biogenic solid fuels for domestic heat supply has increased significantly in recent years. Using biogenic fuels instead of fossil fuels, anthropogenic CO2 emissions can be reduced. However, at the same time the emission of particulate matter increases using biogenic fuels because biogenic raw materials differ significantly in their elemental composition compared to liquid or gaseous fossil fuels. So far, these particulate matter emissions have been reduced by secondary measures (eg filter systems). An alternative to this is a fuel additive. In this case, an additive is particularly suitable for the fuel pellet, since the additive can be homogeneously incorporated into the biogenic solid fuel during production.

Therefore, in this work the effect of various mineral and metallic additives on the formation of particulate matter during the combustion of various wood and wood / straw mixed pellets in a commercially available small combustion plant is examined.

The results show that the use of various additives and also additive combinations can reduce the total fine dust emissions during the combustion of wood pellets. The highest reduction potential is shown by the use of 0.5 Mas.% of Kaolinit, which reduces particulate matter emissions by approximately 60% compared to wood pellets without additive.

In the investigations, wood species with a lower potassium content show the highest reduction potential, so that the requirements of the 1st BImSchV (≤ 30 mg / Nm³13%) can be met without elaborate secondary measures.

Even with the combustion of wood / straw mixed pellets, the fine dust emissions can be reduced using additives.

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