Forschungsarbeit: Deutsche Schicksale im frühneuzeitlichen Russland (1462–1605)

Deutsche Schicksale im frühneuzeitlichen Russland (1462–1605)

Studien zur Geschichtsforschung der Neuzeit, volume 101

Hamburg , 136 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-11028-2 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-11029-9 (eBook)

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In the research, the life image, presence, and roles of Germans in Russia are traditionally seen in the context of the reform of modernization processes under Peter I. and Catherine II.

With that there can be found many traces of exciting fates of Germans already in the early modern Russia. It is the epoch of the war against the Great Horde and Crimean Tatars, Livonia, Sweden, and Poland Lithuania, the period of time of state centralization and proto-modernization under Moscow’s Grand Dukes as well as the political time of trouble under the last representative of the Rurik dynasty, the first Russian ruler dynasty.

The research chronologically reconstructs and analyzes the presence of the Germans in the Muscovite Rus’ in the time from the second half of the 15th century until the early 17th century. In the context of the Grand Dukes and Czars politics, it shows exemplary aspects like possibilities and limits, entry routes and experiences, particular career patterns and ways of communication of ethnic Germans in the early modern Russia.

Based on foreign travelogue, Russian law texts and chronicles, as well as memories and records of the Germans about their life in Moscow, many insights of cooperation and skepticism, bitter experience and each other’s triumphs, prejudices and common acknowledgment become possible.

The author portrays precedents of how Russian Czars until Peter I. conceive trust in German crafts, engineer and military skills as well as German erudition and efficiency.

Also, it points out that many ethnic Germans managed to find, despite of the foreign culture and mentality, the different political climate, a new homeland in Russia, which sometimes even in great danger they had not abandoned.

With this research it is not only possible to reconstruct and analyze some parts of the foreign policy and migration processes in early modern Russia, but also allows to locate the first formative stage in the history of German presence in Russia.


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