Doktorarbeit: Der Stellenwert der Wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildung an der Hochschule

Der Stellenwert der Wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildung an der Hochschule

Eine kritische Untersuchung über Möglichkeiten der Differenzierung der Wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildung innerhalb der Hochschule


[...] für an Organisationentwicklung Interessierte eine empfehlenswerte Lektüre.

Martin Schmid, in:
Weiterbildung, 2/2020

Ambiguität, Bologna-Prozess, Erwachsenenbildung, Handlung und Struktur, Hochschullehre, Hochschulmanagement, Lebenslanges Lernen, Organisation, Pfadabhängigkeit, Weiterbildungsforschung, Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung

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The Significance of University Continuing Education

University Continuing Education (UCE) is a task of the German public universities established by the Framework Act for Higher Education (HRG). Starting from ideas and development history of the UCE the thesis deals with their significance from the perspective of organization theory.

In the past, continuing education at the College could be represented as a separate field. Due to revolutionary socio economic changes, today’s UCE as well as universities must adjust themselves to a new role in a changing environment.

UCE is strongly influenced by its context which affects the concept as well as the positioning as a system. This affects the self-understanding of actors of UCE. Through the academic structure reform former classification in categories of initial and continuing training has lost its clarity.

The relationship of UCE to the original university assignments – research and teaching – and the determination of its location in a triangle of research, teaching and UCE is still not conclusively established. As a result, the UCE is located in a non-unique position.

Contrary to previous public positions of the educational, the political, and the economic sector, which describe UCE as integrated in the university, in some places UCE still is located in a precarious border situation. The question arose what causes may exist for this position of the UCE in the university and where opportunities regarding its differentiation in the context of the university lie.

This situation has caused the question about the path dependence of UCE. In the focus are the nature of its relationships and its mode of activity within the university, which indicate a need for clarification with regard to the question of location. In this place the internal and external dimensions of its situation, the integration of the UCE and its possible development paths are problematized.

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