Sammelband: Geistliche Impulse für Seelsorger

Geistliche Impulse für Seelsorger

Beiträge im „Klerusblatt“ (1996–2018)

„Geist und Wort“ Schriftenreihe der Professur für Christliche Spiritualität und Homiletik Kath. Univ. Eichstätt, Band 19

Hamburg 2019, 168 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-339-10912-5 (Print), ISBN 978-3-339-10913-2 (eBook)

Auferstehung, Eugen Biser, Glaube, Hans Carossa, Heil, Jugendsynode, Kommunion, Liga, Offenbarung, Prophetie, Sakrament, Seelsorger, Spiritualität, Theologie

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“Spirituality” has been transformed into a winged word and is used in a wide range of connotations. Nevertheless, Christian spirituality has a very particular meaning. Since the beginnings of Christianity spirituality has been understood in close connection to practical questions, as guide towards orthopraxis deeply rooted in God’s revelation. Under the caption of the term “spiritual”, the book on hand contains 21 articles. In their variety, they attempt to shed light on the Christian concept of spirituality with a focus on practicality, church-affinity and a contemporary understanding. These spiritual guiding impetuses are primarily addressed to people who work in pastoral ministry. However, they are useful to a broader readership with an interest in education in faith.

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