Doktorarbeit: High-Tech Borders and Corruption

High-Tech Borders and Corruption

The Role of Technology in the Fight against Corruption at National Borders

POLITICA – Schriftenreihe zur politischen Wissenschaft, volume 116

Hamburg , 182 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-10720-6 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-10721-3 (eBook)

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An empirical study on how technology can fight corruption in the border management sector.

While the damaging effects of corruption for state, economy and society are well researched, the topic of corruption in border management has received astonishingly little attention so far, despite its obvious implications for national security. Even less explored is the nexus between corruption and the massive technological upgrade of the border sector which is currently underway.

The aim of this book is to shed some light onto this topic, which emerged as a critical issue in recent years, and to investigate through document review, qualitative interviews and a quantitative survey which role technology has - or could have in the future – when it comes to fighting corruption in border management.

In order to answer the research question – How important is technology as a tool to fight corruption at state borders? – the following was reviewed and assessed:

  • Practical examples & impact: Where and how is technology used to reduce corruption in border control today? What are the results?
  • Stakeholder experiences and opinions: Awareness and perception of practitioners and researchers of the current and future importance of technology as an anti-corruption tool at the border;
  • Potential and limits: Is there untapped anti-corruption potential in existing border technology? Where are the limits? Which associated risks need to be taken into account?

In the interest of a comprehensive approach, the stakeholder group for this research was expanded to not only include practitioners and experts from the fields of border management and / or corruption per se, but also technology suppliers who deal with the development or application of hard- and software for law enforcement operations. In addition to that academics and members of International Organisations as well as NGOs working on the topic were included.

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