Forschungsarbeit: Human Resources Management 4.0

Human Resources Management 4.0

Architecture, Roles, Leadership, and Business Models

Personalwirtschaft, Band 61

Hamburg 2019, 252 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-339-10628-5 (Print), ISBN 978-3-339-10629-2 (eBook)

Business Administration, Business Models, Economics, Führung, Geschäftsmodell, HR Architecture, HR Architektur, HR Management, HR Roles, HR Rollen, Human Resources, Humanressourcen, Leadership, Management, Strategie, Strategy of HRM, Wirtschaftswissenschaft

Zum Inhalt

Industry 4.0, whose essence lies in massive digitalization, mutual communication and cooperation between people, automatization, appliances and products, will fundamentally affect not only the way in which the economy will produce but also the way people work. Therefore it is very demanding on business models, HR architecture and roles, as well as leadership of organizations. The monograph contains the results of the research focused on organisations in 4.0 business environment aiming to identify the consequences for human resources management in business practice in countries of CEE region. It aims to define the ways of building competitive enterprises through the systems of human resource management under the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution 4.0.

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