Dissertation: Fachbezogene Inhaltsbestimmung und Kompetenzmodellierung

Fachbezogene Inhaltsbestimmung und Kompetenzmodellierung

Ein partizipativer Ansatz zur Qualitätsentwicklung der Sportlehrerinnen- und Sportlehrerbildung

Studien zur Berufs- und Professionsforschung, volume 37

Hamburg , 316 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-10594-3 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-10595-0 (eBook)

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The research project aims at the phase-overlapping modelling of subject-related facets concerning professional action competence in physical education (PE) teacher education. To date, there is no systematic competence modelling approach that can provide the basis for a comprehensive content determination and competence modelling in PE teacher education. Therefore, in internal preliminary studies, a competence taxonomy was developed (Erlanger Kompetenzmodell Sport, EKSpo). This taxonomy serves as a theoretical basis for phase-overlapping competence modelling. It is three-dimensionally structured by processes (X axis), requirement levels (Y axis) and contents (Z axis).

Using the method of a document analysis, the contents of existing literature were pre-structured. In the next step, an action research approach was chosen and a team of experts consisting of people working in the PE teacher education at university (phase I) and internship (phase II) was formed. In 15 expert meetings the following aspects were in the focus of attention: (1) the consensual determination of content, (2) the modelling of competence-oriented learning objectives according the EKSpo taxonomy and (3) their consecutive localization in PE teacher education (phase I/II). The empirical basis of the qualitative study consisted of focus group protocols and audio transcripts. The data analysis was carried out using three procedures: a content structuring analysis along heuristic deductive main categories, a summarizing content analysis of the justifications negotiated in the course of content and competence modelling, as well as an explicative content analysis for deeper semantic context analysis.

The expert group defined and justified the relevant contents of sport science, sport didactics, fields of activity in PE teacher education (phase I/II). In addition, the experts differentiated the related topics to training science, to the sport didactics concept multi-perspectivity and to the activity field activities on and with gymnastics equipment/apparatus and justified their selection and weighting as systematically as possible. Furthermore of differentiating the topics, the experts formulated competence-oriented learning objectives at graduate level (phase I/II) using the EKSpo taxonomy. Competence-oriented learning objectives for the sport didactics concept multi-perspectivity are: The graduates of Phase I plan topics on multi-perspective physical education, which are compliant with the concept, oriented toward the target group and situation-oriented. The graduates of Phase II plan topics on multi-perspective physical education which are targeted to the group and situation-specific.


Aktionsforschung Expertengruppe Kompetenzmodell Kompetenzorientierung Professionalisierung Qualitätsentwicklung Sport Sportpädagogik

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