Sammelband: Sportökonomie im Kontext von Governance & Gesellschaft

Sportökonomie im Kontext von Governance & Gesellschaft

Sportökonomie in Forschung und Praxis, Band 20

Hamburg 2018, 170 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-339-10262-1 (Print), ISBN 978-3-339-10263-8 (eBook)

Amateursport, Betriebswirtschaft, Corporate Governance, Diversität, Doping, Financial Fair Play, Governance, Profisport, Soziologie, Sportmanagement, Sportökonomie, Third Party Ownership, Volkswirtschaft

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Sports economics and sports management are the two sub-disciplines within the framework of an economic-scientific approach to sports. While sports economics focus primarily on economic issues, sports management is addressing the entrepreneurial business aspects of sports. Even if the professional sports – because of the media attention – act as the dominant field of analysis, both sub-disciplines basically address the amateur and leisure sports as well as the interaction between aforementioned parts of sports.

The aim of this book is to set the focus on sports economics with a clear thematic reference to the fields of "governance" and "society" and thus to create a multidisciplinarity context for sports economics in these fields. We would like to give the reader an intersubjectively comprehensible explanation of the analyzed research perspective in each paper in order to provide individual answers to the emerged research questions.

A wide spectrum of topics is addressed and ranges from the analysis of the effectiveness of governance instruments in sports, a discussion about third-party-ownership arrangements as financial instruments in professional football or a critical reflection on possible revisions of the curriculum in sports education up to an analysis of gender-adequate reporting in the media landscape for sports and a potential required proportion system.

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