Doktorarbeit: Die offensichtlich rechtswidrige Vorlage einer Privatkopie nach § 53 I Satz 1 UrhG

Die offensichtlich rechtswidrige Vorlage einer Privatkopie nach § 53 I Satz 1 UrhG

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Studien zum Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz und zum Urheberrecht, volume 148

Hamburg , 198 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-10258-4 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-10259-1 (eBook)

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Nowadays the technological progress in the field of digitalization provides the possibility for everyone to duplicate creative works which are protected by copyright in a fast way, in large numbers and without any degradation. The production of copies for private purpose is allowed without any approval, provided that the legal requirements of section 53, paragraph 1, sentence 1 of the German Copyright Act are fulfilled. Among other limitations it is prohibited to use an obviously unlawful source for the duplication. Although this legal feature has been included in the private copy privilege for more than a decade, it has not been fully clarified yet, how it should be evaluated.

Therefore the passage concerning the obviousness will be analyzed thoroughly in the present thesis. The focus is on the examination of the vague term of obviousness. This includes the answering of the fundamental question, whether the term “obviously” should be interpreted in a rather wide or narrow way. Alongside it will be investigated, whether the duplicating person’s scale of due diligence concerning the obviousness should be determined subjectively or objectively. After that it will also be stated which indications can lead to an assumption of obvious unlawfulness. It will also be clarified, whether the passage concerning the obviousness violates EU-law, because of the ACI Adam (2014) and the Copydan (2015) decisions of the European Court of Justice.

The consumption of content protected by copyright is omnipresent. Everyone duplicating such creative works for private purpose inevitably gets affected by the private copy privilege. Therefore this thesis not only addresses jurists applying law, but also all persons producing private copies.

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