Dissertation: Neurophysiologische, somatosensorische und emotional-perzeptive Aspekte zum Burnout-Syndrom

Neurophysiologische, somatosensorische und emotional-perzeptive Aspekte zum Burnout-Syndrom

Studien zur Stressforschung, volume 38

Hamburg , 204 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-10042-9 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-10043-6 (eBook)

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Burnout is omnipresent in society and media today. It is considered as a work-related stress disorder which is characterized by a maintaining state of exhaustion, an emotional blunting and reduced performance. Due to missing diagnostic guidelines the interest in a scientific examination of the topic is rather low. Hence, the ‘phenomenon burnout’ often is dismissed as a diagnosis quite in fashion of our performance-driven working environment. However, the increasing requirement for therapy of work-related exhaustion reactions shows another view. Not least, the high socio-economic consequences of the disease accentuate the need for a better understanding of burnout regarding its aetiology and phenomenology. It is not clear so far, which individual, predisposing factors play a role in a burnout development beside the current working situation.

In her study, the author investigates the burnout syndrome in regard to metacognitive, somatosensory and vegetative parameters within a sample of burnout subjects. First, descriptive aspects about the living and working circumstances are pointed out and psychopathological characteristics of burnout are investigated. A focus is set on the examination of emotion processing, pain perception and stress regulation. Particularly, the author pursues the question if emotional deficits predisposed in early childhood promote a burnout development. Thereby, the influence of traumatic experiences is also considered. A dysfunctional self-regulation as a potential disease model is discussed.

The study design includes a clinical comparison group with typical depression and a healthy control sample beside an experimental sample with burnout as well. The examination should help to concretize external and individual factors of a burnout development and to approach its real clinical significance.

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